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What is Safewalks Concrete Grinding?
Safewalks Concrete Grinding is an innovative approach to eliminating trip hazards by using a surface grinder to bevel down the high side of two joining sections of concrete. The high side is ground down flush to the adjacent concrete or asphalt, permanently eliminating the 'trip hazard'. The rotating drum attached beneath the grinder is equipped with Tungsten Carbide Cutters. The Safewalks method of grinding is an approved method (504 & ADA) in the removal of trip hazards.

Before - concrete trip hazardAfter - sidewalk repair

Benefits of Concrete Grinding

  • Fast! Eliminate up to 100 trip hazards in one day!!
  • Lowest in Cost! Generally 10 times cheaper than replacement
  • Looks Great! Grinding the surface smooth and uniformly
  • Simple Operation - No need for a mess or large equipment
  • Approved method - Meets ADA and 504 regulations
  • Most permanent fix - Eliminate trip hazards
  • No waste! Doesn't require ripping out and wasting good concrete!!!!
  • Saves trees!!!! Due to the fact that Tree Roots are a main cause of 'trip hazards', they are often under the concrete to some degree. The trees are at great risk if replacing the concrete were considered. Disturbing the ground and the roots beneath the walkway often kills perfectly good trees. Therefore, grinding offers a perfect solution to this problem by not having to disturb the root system underneath.

Does the Safewalks Grinding Method cause a mess?
No indeed. We simply grind down the trip hazard, and the concrete is basically ground into sand (the basic component of concrete). The remains are then swept up and disposed. The noise level of the operation and dust that may be airborne is comparable to a riding lawn mower. We move QUICKLY AND RESPECTFULLY throughout the property. We have a ZERO insurance accident report for all years conducting business.

Before - concrete repairAfter - concrete repair

Who generally calls on Safewalks to perform services?
Anyone with liability issues on walkways!

  • Industrial facilities
  • City Directors
  • Apartment Management Companies
  • Golf Courses
  • Zoological Parks
  • Recreational and State Parks
  • Colleges
  • Shopping Centers
  • Maintenance Directors of all types

...and more... all have all had huge success with the Safewalks SYSTEM. References and letters of recommendation available at your request.



What are the other options to repairing a trip hazard?
There are 3 methods to choose from to fix trip hazards. (Safewalks can perform all 3 services) So what makes the most sense?? Read more about trip hazard repair.